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Established in 2006 by a small group of dedicated volunteers, Ansdell in Bloom creates beautiful displays and hosts community events to bring people together and help maintain our environment.


2015 saw Ansdell win Silver in the Large Village in Bloom category and in 2016 won the prestigious Silver Gilt medal. 


2017 was a landmark year as we continued to flourish and initiated a wide variety of new activities within the community of Ansdell. In March 2017 we tackled the local ‘grot spot’ at the footbridge on Cambridge Road/Oxford Road to clear rubbish, plant new borders, install a waste bin and created a welcoming, clean environment for locals and visitors to enjoy. We brought to life beautiful displays along Woodlands Road, Forest Drive and more recently planted new spring bulbs alongside the park in Landsdowne Road and by Ansdell Institute. These efforts were duly recognised by the North West In Bloom judges when Ansdell in Bloom was awarded a Gold Medal in the Urban Community category, a feat we are extremely proud of - next time you visit Ansdell library take a look at our certificates hanging on the wall! 


2018 was a really great year for Ansdell in Bloom. Building upon our efforts the previous year, we introduced a number of exciting new projects to help keep Ansdell looking even lovelier. Our key theme for our summer planting was golf – the 2018 Womens British Open Golf tournament was held at Royal Lytham Golf club, the 9th hole sited just to the rear of Ansdell Institute. We also introduced a bug hotel and informative noticeboard by the footbridge on Cambridge Rd together with themed displays, installation of environmentally friendly water butts and tackling any grey areas within the community. Our efforts were recognised by the Britain in Bloom judges and in November 2018 we were again awarded a Gold Medal in the Britain in Bloom North West competition. A proud achievement for Ansdell!


2019 will be an exciting year once more for Ansdell in Bloom.  Our key planting theme will involve the colours of white, gold and claret to celebrate Fylde Rugby Club, which was formed 100 years this summer. Also, following the introduction of our very popular ‘green man’ display on the bench on Woodlands Rd, we will be introducing a brand new themed figure in the summer together with brand new planters and renovated benches along Woodlands Road.   

Join the team!

Ansdell in Bloom always welcomes enthusiastic volunteers! No experience is necessary and our team is made up of volunteers from all ages. Click here to see our events page, or here to get in touch!

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